Kuldeep Malhi

Kuldeep’s wall installations cross the boundaries betweenceramic art and architecture. Inspiration draws from a mixofinfluences from the erotic sculpture found in ancient Indian temples to modernist architecture. Some piecesuse softround forms or tentacles in repeating pattern which are finished with experimental glazes creating a tactile and deeply sensuous environment where others use cubes in creating a geometrical interface with the room space, all have a sense of movement and growth but not solely from the arrangement of the individual components but rather from the gentle gradation in colour.

The work represents a meeting of Eastern and Western cultures - the erotic tactility of oriental art combined with the mechanised glossiness of the West. The dynamic installationsrespond to the vertical planes within architectural spaces, creating an interface between the walls and the internal space of the room. The work is also about tactility and touch. Visually and compositionally it can be considered as an image or composition like a three-dimensional painting, a cross between painting and sculpture.


The potential scale of the work lends itself to commissions as well as exhibition pieces.